Pogba Supports Raheem Sterling Regarding the Issue of Racism


Raheem Sterling currently in the spotlight regarding the issue of racism in the Premier League. Paul Pogba came to provide support.


It all started when Sterling fell victim to a racial attack by Chelea supporters in December. After the perpetrators were investigated, the Manchester City winger criticized the British media.


Through posts on Instagram, Sterling accused the British media of having joined in burning racial hatred on football fans.


Sterling gave an example of the case of two young Mancheter City players. When Tosin Adarabioyo (black) bought a £ 2.25 million house for media writing with negative tendencies. One of them with the phrase ‘even though he hasn’t even been a starter in the Premier League’.


While when Phil Foden bought a house worth 2 million pounds sterling, the media wrote it as ‘a house worth 2 million pounds sterling for his mother’ and called Foden ‘preparing for the future’.


“Sometimes things like that happen,” Pogba said about the British media’s refraction towards black players.


“I think, Raheem Sterling, with the statistics he showed since last year and everything he did, nobody talked about him properly,” Pogba told Sky Sports.


“He has incredible statistics. He scored a lot of goals and made a hat-trick recently. This player is really top with City.”


“From what I saw, he was criticized for home problems, and other things. But, nobody talked about what he did on the field. Maybe if he was another player, the treatment would be different,” said Pogba

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