Muslim Population in Russia Rises Sharply


Predictions reveal that the Muslim population in Russia is currently between 14 million and 20 million people. Or between 10-14 percent of Russia’s total population of 146.8 million in 2018.


“According to experts, the Russian Muslim population will increase to 30 percent in one and a half decades,” said Chairman of the Board of Mufti, a religious group representing the Russian Muslim community, Ravil Gainutdin, as reported by the Tribune Dhaka on Monday (11/3).


Gainutdin said at a forum that demographic changes meant that dozens of new mosques needed to be built in Russia’s largest cities.


The Pew Research research institute found that the Muslim population grew twice that of the non-Muslim population.


Islam is the second largest religion in the world after Christianity, and the fastest growing. And by 2030, the number of Muslims can increase 35 percent to 2.2 billion.

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Russia’s mufti predicts the Muslim population in Russia will increase by 30 percent in the next 15 years.


This is based on a demographic trend in which the majority Muslim regions in Russia including the North Caucasud Republic and the Tatarstan Republic are known to experience the highest birth rates that reflect similar trends in the world.

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