Live Broadcast of Azan in New Zealand

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced he would broadcast the call to prayer on Friday (22/3) directly on the country’s TV and radio stations. After that, two minutes of silence will be followed, as a tribute to the victims.


PM Ardern received a lot of praise from all over the world regarding the way she handled terrorism by Brento Tarran. According to PM Ardern, the live broadcast of Azan (the call to prayer) on Friday is a form of New Zealand solidarity for Muslims.


“There is our desire to show support for the Muslim community when they return to the mosque on Friday,” she told reporters on Wednesday (20/3).


In its development, Christchurch residents provided assistance to ensure the Al Noor Mosque could be re-functioned on Friday. According to information, the mosque which became the scene of the crime will be opened for Friday prayers, which are expected to be attended by many worshipers and will be guarded closely by the authorities


Al Noor Mosque has also been cleaned of bullet marks and the blood of the victims. Nearby, incessantly the New Zealand community groups performed haka, a traditional Maori dance to honor the victims. The community also sang a New Zealand national song, God Protects New Zealand.


Separately, the Australian Imam Council called on the preachers to dedicate their sermons to the victims. Until Wednesday night local time, 30 of the 50 fatalities that had been completed were identified. They will be handed over to their families to be buried immediately.


The funeral of a number of victims began on Wednesday and is expected to be followed by funeral of other victims on Thursday and Friday. New Zealand Police Commissioner Mike Bush hopes that most victims will be identified this week. This identification process is handled by experts from New Zealand and Australia.


“I have to admit that some of the victims will take a little longer,” he said.


Reportedly some of the dead will be returned to their home countries. PM Ardern seriously responded to the call for retaliation from those who claim to be ISIS, a terrorist group whose position is now increasingly pushed in Iraq and Syria.



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