The Law of Buying and Selling Pirated Books in Islam

The problem of buying and selling pirated books has become the main study of contemporary Ulama (Islam scholars), we can mention, among others, the opinion of DR.Romdlon al-Buthi Syeh who forbids piracy and buying it because the act of piracy belongs to the category of ghoshob (stealing) other people’s rights as stated in the book collection of studies entitled Qodloya fiqhiyyah Mu’ashiroh things: 79 – 100

Whereas several discussions (Bahstul Masail) conducted by several Islamic boarding schools in Indonesia always led to differences of opinion, but the participants agreed if the books had been registered with the authorized institution (such as the directorate of copyright, the Indonesian Ministry of Justice). protected by law (see: copyright number 7 article 44 of 1987) then HARAM reproduces the work of other people without the permission of the copyright owner, whether for sale or not, because complying with state statutory regulations is mandatory if it does not lead to actions that are contrary to the Islamic Shari’ah

see: Bughyatul mustarsyidin hal:91,  Tuhfatul muhtaj hal: 71 juz: 3, Hadiqotun nadiyyah hal: 637 juz: 2

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