Israel’s election is getting closer, this is Netanyahu’s strategy


Ahead of the vote, Benjamin Netanyahu increased his bid for the right-wing group. He assembled his cabinet in the West Bank and granted legal status to unauthorized military posts.

On Sunday, Netanyahu’s cabinet met in the Jordan Valley. The Israeli cabinet rarely holds meetings in the West Bank. During the meeting, Netanyahu announced that he approved Netanyahu’s proposal to return the Mevo’ot Yericho post to a formal settlement. The decision was taken about 20 years after the agricultural community in the Jordan Valley was built without state sanctions.

In a press conference after the meeting, Netanyahu stressed that it would depend on the government formed after the general election. Voting will be held on Tuesday (9/17).

This step was announced just as Netanyahu was trying to get support from voters of small ultranational parties. Netanyahu is trying to get them to support the Likud Party that carries it.

The large right wing sound is quite interesting for the Likud Party. With the planned annexation of the West Bank, Netanyahu himself has made sure he is part of the ultranasional.

He said giving a vote to the right-wing party and not the Likud Party would actually keep the victory that should have been imminent. Polls show the position of the Likud Party and the Blue and White Party led by Benny Gantz chasing each other. This means building coalitions is the key to true victory.

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