Hong Kong rejects Chinese Independence Day


Hong Kong canceled an annual fireworks event to commemorate Chinese Independence Day. The annual event did not take place following pro-democracy demonstrations that showed no signs of stopping.

The city issued a statement canceling the October 1 event on Wednesday (18/9). The Hong Kong government said that the event was canceled based on the latest situation developments and for the sake of public safety.

There has been no further announcement about the anniversary of independence day. It is estimated that there will be large-scale demonstrations on the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party that rules the People’s Republic of China.

Throughout the summer, Hong Kong was chastened by protests that led to riots. Many citizens are worried that their freedom will be slowly eroded by China.

Violence occurred again on Sunday (9/15) then. A combination of activists wearing black clothes and masks and families with young children spilled onto the streets of Causeway Bay. They marched two kilometers to the Hong Kong business center.

Some waved flags of the United States (US) and Britain, while others carried posters and shouted slogans for democratic reform. The police did not give the permission requested by the Civil Rights Human Rights Front to stage the march. But, protesters ignored the ban.

The march disrupted traffic and many shops including Sogo, one of the largest shopping centers in Causeway Bay, were closed. Protesters set fire to the Chinese flag and took down banners that read wishes of Independence Day on 1 October.

The same incident was seen at the station exit. Protesters damaged windows and surveillance cameras.

Then, thousands of protesters attacked the government complex. They threw bricks and petrol bombs into a barrier made by the police. The police responded by releasing tear gas and water canons filled with blue liquid.

The liquid helped the police to identify the protesters who attacked them. In recent weeks, demonstrations in Hong Kong ended in clashes between protesters and police.

Protesters retreated, but regrouped near the Wan Chai settlement. They set fire to the station’s exits and streets. They fled again when riot police pursued. There was a hunting scene for several hours until finally conditions were safe.

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