Who Is Habib Omar bin Hafiz?

Habib Umar was born before dawn Monday, 4 Muharram 1383 (May 27, 1963) from the pair Zahra binti Ahmad and Muhammad bin Hafiz.

Umar’s talent and intelligence in the religious sciences have been seen since childhood. He memorized the al-quran since childhood. He also grew up as a young man who likes to study with famous scholars, like his father who became a mufti of Tarim, Habib Muhammad bin Alwi bin Shihab, Habib Munshib Ahmad bin Ali bin Shaykh Abi bakar, Habib Abdullah bin Shaykh Alaidrus, Habib Abdullah bin hasan bilfaqih (expert) Habib Umar bin Alwi Al-Kaf ( The expert and lughat Habib Ahmad bin Hasan Al Haddad, including his own brother, Habib Ali Masyhur bin Hafidz. also Habib Salim Assyatiri, Sheikh Mufti Fadl bin Abdurrahman Bafadl, and Syekh Taufiq Aman.


Habib Umar bin Hafidz began teaching and preaching since the age of 15 while continuing to study.


When communist pressure took control of Hadramaut, he decided to move to the Baydo ’Yemen area. This event occurred at the beginning of Shafar 1402 / December 1981. In Baydo ‘he continued to study at Habib Muhammad bin Abdullah Al Haddar and Habib Zein bin Smith. He was very passionate about preaching and making scientific matters, often preaching in the rural areas of Baydo ‘, Hudaidah and Taiz. This last city he often visited for the sake of studying from Al-Allamah Al Musnid Habib Ibrahim bin Umar bin Aqil.


The cruelty of the communist authorities was indeed felt by the Tarim scholars. At that time all Tarim scholars, including Habib Umar’s father, were required to report every day. The recitations of the ulama are always overshadowed by weapons. However, this did not dampen Habib Muhammad, who was known to be a vocal cleric. Although giving a lecture at the head of a gun, he continued to convey the truth, until there was an incident of his abduction.


Habib Muhammad’s kidnapping incident began when he brought Habib Umar (at that time still around 9 years old) to go to the Friday prayer at the Jami Mosque in ‘Tarim. Arriving at the mosque, while waiting for the Azan, suddenly Habib Muhammad was picked up by two police officers. Then he was taken to the police headquarters which was adjacent to the Jami ‘Tarim Mosque. Before leaving Habib Umar, Habib Muhammad had put his turban as a sign that he would be back soon.


But until Friday prayers were over, Habib Muhammad did not return. Since then there has been no news about him. It is not known when he died and where he was buried. The communist ruling police, each time meeting Habib Ali Mashhur, Habib Umar’s brother, asked, “Where is your father?” “Are you not the one who brought my father,” he replied firmly.


This event was so embedded in Habib Umar’s memory, because that was when he was last together and watched his beloved father.


Every time Habib Umar held a jalsa (pengajian) on the front field of the Jami ‘mosque, he looked at the police station adjacent to the jami’ mosque, and every time he remembered the tragic event.




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