Erdogan Deserves to Achieve the Most Influential Muslim Title


The assessment came after the announcement of Jordan’s Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Center which released the 500 most influential Muslim figures in the world in 2019 by placing Erdogan ranked number one.

“Indeed, we must admit that Erdogan has worked a lot for the world, first of all his consistency as a NATO member is not easy according to the United States,” said Rezasyah, Observer and academic in the field of International Relations.

According to him, the world currently lacks Islamic leaders who dare to be firm and consistent. He also noticed Erdogan as a very consistent head of state. Erdogan has a clear calculation, and his reach is not only the Middle East but also the world.

With this character, added Teuku, Erdogan became a figure admired by the Muslim community so that he received support from below.

The same thing was stated by senior diplomat who had served as Minister of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia in the period 2001 to 2009, Hassan Wirajuda.

“President Erdogan is indeed a successful politician who started his career from the mayor, prime minister, to the president. Therefore, in terms of time, he is also long in power, “said Hassan.

Although agreeing with Erdogan’s view that he deserves to be the most influential Muslim figure, Hassan also saw Erdogan began to tend to be autocratic or to have absolute power.

“Erdogan has increased career stages, but there has also been an increase in the direction of authoritarianism. Because of that there began to be resistance, including in the City of Istanbul, it is a sign that at home it seems that his popularity has begun to decline, “Hassan said.

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