Dr. Raghib Al-Sirjani, Winner of Islamic Research Nobel

A phenomenal figure in the field of Al-Dirasah Al-Islamiah (Islamic Research) has emerged. He is Dr. Raghib Al-Sirjani, a doctor of urology (urinary surgery) from Egypt. Because of his high spirit of fighting for Islam, he also memorized the Koran, historical experts and international experts who have contributed greatly to the Islamic world.

He was awarded the Mubarak (president of Egypt) in front of many Egyptian scholars on September 16, 2009. He won this award after writing a book called Maadzaa Qaddamal Muslimuuna lil ‘Aalam (What Muslims Have Given to the World). This 847-page two-volume book describes the contribution of Muslims in building human civilization.


Dr. Raghib Al-Sirjani was born in 1964 in Gharbiyyah Province, Egypt. He graduated from the Medical Faculty of Cairo University with the title of Summa Cumlaude in 1988. He then won a Masters in the same University in 1992. His doctoral dissertation related to Urology and Kidney Surgery he wrote under the joint guidance of Egyptian and American medicine. He also completed it with special in 1998. For the Koran, he completed his memorization in 1991.


Dr. Raghib Al-Sirjani was an international missionary interpreter whose tapes and CDs enriched the treasures of Islam. He is also a prolific writer whose books meet the Islamic library. Some of his books have been translated into Indonesian, which has been warmly welcomed, such as the Mystery best-selling book Behind the Fajr Prayer. Several other books have also been translated into Indonesian such as Al-Rahmah fii Hayaati Al-Rasuul or “This is the Apostle of the Merciful”. This book also received an international award in 2007.


Dr. Raghib Al-Sirjani is one of the preachers who is very concerned about the world of Islam, especially Palestine. For more than 20 years until now, he has contributed a lot in building Muslims both through da’wah, speakers at various seminars, writing many books, papers and scientific analysis. Until now, his fresh and sharp analysis of the Islamic world continues in his latest books. Especially for Palestine, he is now filling in material on two TV channels; Al-Quds with continued material Fathu Filasthiin (Palestine Liberation) and Al-Risalah with Khattuzzaman material; Qishshah Filasthiin (Timeline; Acts of Palestine).

In the book Maadzaa Qaddamal Muslimuuna lil ‘Aalam, he defines civilization as a human ability to establish good relations with his God, with fellow humans and with nature and all his wealth. Dr. Raghib wrote this book as an offering for Islamic civilization. An amazing civilization that has drained the attention of objective researchers from the West. “Human progress in various fields today is inseparable from the great contribution of Muslims and their civilization,” he said.

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What makes this book special is the scientific and realistic exposure of Muslims to world civilization. He also ensured that, “The characteristics of a special Islamic civilization are absolutely incomparable to all other civilizations in the world. When the face of the world begins to be decorated with damage because the balance sheet of understanding and belief has been reversed, then Islamic civilization is the solution.”

After describing the glory of Islamic civilization which became the point of change of civilization throughout the world, at the end of his book, the award-winning Islamic field researcher asked, “What will we do after knowing all this?” A piece of question that calls on every Muslim to exert all his strength, so as to be able to build a dream civilization that brings mercy to the universe.

Overall Dr. Raghib has written 22 books and completed CD recordings in the form of Islamic analysis. Unmitigated 7 CD recordings consisting of 110 parts he completed. He indeed deserves an award in the field of Islam. His contribution to the Muslim world, especially education, is very large. Hopefully there will always be great people like Dr. Raghib who re-ignite the spirit of the rise of education in the Islamic world.

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