How to Eliminate Feeling Envy From The Heart?

In the book of Nashaih Diniyah, Habib Abdullah bin Alwi al-Haddad wrote: Among the destructive acts (faith) is to keep a sense of envy to the muslims and desire the evils of them. Similarly harbored an attitude of hostility, resentment, lack of affection and worse suspect. They are all destructive traits. It is enough for […]


Prophet Muhammad As A Strategist

The perfection of the Prophet’s mind appears in his alert attitude in dealing with evil-minded enemies. The Prophet did various efforts as a form of prevention to thwart the intrigue of his enemies. Rasulullah SAW ordered Zaid bin Tsabit to study the writing of the Jews and their languages. This is a form of alertness […]


When The Prophet Muhammad Spoke

The Prophet spoke little. If he spoke, then his words are very eloquent and gentle. He did not talk too fast, nor did it at length. The words that came out of his tongue were like a string of pearls neatly arranged. Sayidah Ayesha once revealed the Prophet’s way of speaking: كان رسول الله صلى […]


When the Prophet Called the Cloud

Anas bin Malik RA once said: Once upon a time in the days of Prophet Muhammad, people were hit by a famine. So when the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) was preaching on Friday, an Arab from the village came and said, “O Messenger of Allah, wealth has perished and people are starving, pray to God […]


Posture And Color Of Prophet Muhammad’s Skin

Prophet Muhammad SAW has a rather high body stature. Regarding that, Anas bin Malik said: كان رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم ليس بالطويل البائن ولا بالقصير “Rasulullah SAW is not very tall and not too short.” (HR Bukhari) Rasulullah SAW does not have a posture that is too high and not too short posture. […]


How the Prophet Dressed Up

Prophet Muhammad explained that the good of clothing and appearance include the behavior of the previous Prophets. Because Prophet Muhammad is the leader of the prophets, He is most concerned about the cleanliness of his body, clothing, home, and appearance. In the hadith it is said of a woman who describes the character of the […]


The Beauty Of Prophet Muhammad’s Face

The prophet’s words about the physical perfection of the Prophet (PBUH) and the beauty of his likeness have been spread. Therefore, including the perfection of faith in the Prophet is to believe that Allah Almighty created him in the most beautiful form that no one ever equals, either before nor after him. What a beautiful […]