Saudi Arabia worrying about further drone attacks

A security source and two Saudi industry sources said Riyadh considers drones to be a threat to them over the past few years. They have talked to several consultants and companies who might be able to provide solutions without installing new technology. The drone attack on Sunday (15/9) then to the oil refinery and the […]


Saudi oil refinery attack not launched from Yemen

pic: al-arabiya Saudi Arabia-led military alliance said attacks to oil refineries in Saudi Arabia were carried out using Iranian weapons. The alliance stated, based on preliminary findings, the attack was not launched from Yemen. A coalition spokesman, the Turkish Colonel Almalki, said the investigation on the attack closed 5 percent of the world crude oil […]


Saudi attacked, world oil prices soared

pic: al-arabiya The attack on two Saudi Arabian oil facilities led to the largest surge in oil prices since 1991. The attack also slashed 5 percent of the global crude oil supply. Crude oil price spikes also occur after U.S. officials accused Iran of being behind the last weekend’s attack, followed by U.S. President Donald […]


Pogba Supports Raheem Sterling Regarding the Issue of Racism

Raheem Sterling currently in the spotlight regarding the issue of racism in the Premier League. Paul Pogba came to provide support.   It all started when Sterling fell victim to a racial attack by Chelea supporters in December. After the perpetrators were investigated, the Manchester City winger criticized the British media.   Through posts on […]


Muslim Population in Russia Rises Sharply

Predictions reveal that the Muslim population in Russia is currently between 14 million and 20 million people. Or between 10-14 percent of Russia’s total population of 146.8 million in 2018.   “According to experts, the Russian Muslim population will increase to 30 percent in one and a half decades,” said Chairman of the Board of […]


Live Broadcast of Azan in New Zealand

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced he would broadcast the call to prayer on Friday (22/3) directly on the country’s TV and radio stations. After that, two minutes of silence will be followed, as a tribute to the victims.   PM Ardern received a lot of praise from all over the world regarding the […]


Brenton Tarrant’s Terror Message

In the manifesto distributed to Twitter, Brenton Tarrant said he was inspired by other shooters including Anders Breivik, who killed 77 people in Oslo, Norway in 2011. The 28-year-old man also claimed to be inspired by Darren Osborne, a man who attacked the Findbury Park Mosque in London, England, in June 2017, which is now […]


Will Connolly, the Egg Boy who broke the egg at the head of the Australian Senator

Will Connolly aka “Egg Boy”, a 17-year-old teenager from Australia was suddenly popular since last weekend. The video shows eggs to the senator from Scotland, Fraser Anning, viral throughout the world. Will’s action was triggered by Senator Anning’s bad comments on the shooting tragedy in New Zealand. Most netizens appreciate Will’s heroic actions. Meme and […]