Who is Brenton Tarran? Gunman at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand


Gunman at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand allegedly motivated by white supremacy and extremism in the United States (US)

He is known as an Australian named Brenton Tarran who supports right-wing ideology

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morisson confirmed that the shooter was an extremist terrorist who supported right-wing and cruel ideology. However, the identity of the suspect has not been confirmed until now

Before carrying out a brutal series, Tarran seemed to upload a 74-page manifesto to Twitter’s social network and online forums. In the manifesto, Tarran expressed his hatred for Muslim immigrants in Europe. Not only that, he also said that the US extremist movement was his idol.

Tarran also stated that he contributed to white supremacy groups, even mentioning 14 popular slogans from the group. One of them is Faith Goldy’s slogan, which says: “We must secure the existence of our people for the future of white children.”

He admired American mass shooters. In an image uploaded to Twitter, Tarran shows a magazine with a shotgun and reads a number of names. Among them are Alexandre Bissonnette, who served a life sentence for shooting and killing six people in a mosque in Quebec, Canada, in 2017.

In addition, there is Luca Traini, a right-wing extremist who allegedly shot six Africans in Italy in February 2018. The magazines also referred to several battles in which the Ottoman Empire was defeated.

Tarran were previously known to broadcast live acts of attack through Facebook’s social network. An upload on the anonymous 8chan message board and allegedly made by the perpetrator also wrote a link to watch the broadcast.

Mass shootings have almost never happened in New Zealand. Moreover, this incident was triggered by hatred and happened in places of worship. Therefore, there is an assumption that what motivated the perpetrators was one of them was American politics.

Who Is He?

Brenton Tarrant, it turns out is a personal trainer (personal trainer) at the Big River Gym in the city of Grafton, New South Wales, Australia.

The gym manager where Brenton works, Tracey Gray, confirmed that the man who recorded and streamed the online massacre was Brenton Tarrant.

She said, he worked at the gym in 2009 to 2011.

After graduating from school he also traveled abroad in several Asian countries and in Europe.

“He is a very dedicated personal trainer,” Gray said.

“He worked also in our program which offered free training to children in the community, and he was very excited about doing that.”

Gray said Tarrant doesn’t look like someone who has an interest in firearms and terrorism.

“I think there are things that have changed in him for years when he spent his time traveling abroad,” he said.

Tarrant had worked there for a short time.

Tarrant is known to have visited Europe, Southeast Asia and East Asia.

He also went to North Korea, photographed with a group while visiting the Samjiyon Great Monument.

In a manifesto he uploaded on Twitter, Tarrant called himself an “ordinary white person, from an ordinary family” born in Australia and became a “working class, from a low-income family”.

Gray says he remembers that Tarrant Rodney’s father died of illness when Tarrant was finishing high school.

The gym manager is sure that Tarrant still has a living sister and mother.

In the August 2010 local newspaper Daily Examiner, it was revealed that Rodney Tarrant, his father, died of cancer at the age of 49 in April 2010.

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