Activities Are Not Allowed For People Who Are In Junub

Does husband and wife after intercourse, if you want to do other activities must first take a shower junub? What are not allowed? The Answer: Activities that are not allowed for those who are junub, are: 1, Prayer. 2. Tawaaf. 3. Reading, holding and carrying the Qur’an. 4. stay in the mosque. As for all […]


Sperm-like fluid that does not require bathing

I want to ask. How is the law when urinating, releasing fluids like sperm. Is it mandatory to take a shower? The Answer: There are several kinds of liquids besides urine that also come out of the genitals. 1.Mani. 2. Madzi. 3. Wadi. Mani or Semen is: Liquid that usually comes out accompanied by a […]


Erdogan Deserves to Achieve the Most Influential Muslim Title

The assessment came after the announcement of Jordan’s Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Center which released the 500 most influential Muslim figures in the world in 2019 by placing Erdogan ranked number one. “Indeed, we must admit that Erdogan has worked a lot for the world, first of all his consistency as a NATO member is […]


Hong Kong rejects Chinese Independence Day

Hong Kong canceled an annual fireworks event to commemorate Chinese Independence Day. The annual event did not take place following pro-democracy demonstrations that showed no signs of stopping. The city issued a statement canceling the October 1 event on Wednesday (18/9). The Hong Kong government said that the event was canceled based on the latest […]


Saudi Arabia worrying about further drone attacks

A security source and two Saudi industry sources said Riyadh considers drones to be a threat to them over the past few years. They have talked to several consultants and companies who might be able to provide solutions without installing new technology. The drone attack on Sunday (15/9) then to the oil refinery and the […]


Saudi oil refinery attack not launched from Yemen

pic: al-arabiya Saudi Arabia-led military alliance said attacks to oil refineries in Saudi Arabia were carried out using Iranian weapons. The alliance stated, based on preliminary findings, the attack was not launched from Yemen. A coalition spokesman, the Turkish Colonel Almalki, said the investigation on the attack closed 5 percent of the world crude oil […]


Saudi attacked, world oil prices soared

pic: al-arabiya The attack on two Saudi Arabian oil facilities led to the largest surge in oil prices since 1991. The attack also slashed 5 percent of the global crude oil supply. Crude oil price spikes also occur after U.S. officials accused Iran of being behind the last weekend’s attack, followed by U.S. President Donald […]


Syair Kerinduan Habib Sholeh Tanggul Kepada Kota Tarim

Syair berikut ini merupakan goresan pena al-Qutub Habib Sholeh bin Muhsin al-Hamid, dan termaktub di dalam diwan beliau. Dalam syair ini beliau mengungkapkan kerinduan beliau terhadap kota Tarim, kota leluhur para Habaib yang penuh dengan para qutub, ulama, auliya dan shalihin. Berjuta pujian beliau haturkan atas keagungan kota Tarim yang memiliki keistimewaan daripada kota-kota lainnya. […]