Activities Are Not Allowed For People Who Are In Junub

Does husband and wife after intercourse, if you want to do other activities must first take a shower junub? What are not allowed?

The Answer:

Activities that are not allowed for those who are junub, are: 1, Prayer. 2. Tawaaf. 3. Reading, holding and carrying the Qur’an. 4. stay in the mosque.

As for all activities other than those mentioned above, the law is permitted.

However, for those who are junub, before bathing junub, they are allowed to eat, drink, recite dhikr, and jima ‘, without ablution’ first, or at least wash their genitals, therefore ablution is ablution ‘or at least clean their genitals.

We recommend that before a large shower, try not to have limbs separated, because according to one history, limbs that were released while still in a state of great hadats, in the hereafter will be returned in a state still having a strong body too, therefore it should be quick to wash, too to immediately be free from the obligation to purify when going to pray. See: ‘Ianatut tholobin page: 79 juz l.

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